2024 Exhibition: Then & Now

May 3 - August 10, 2024



As we celebrate ten years in our expansive 鈥渘ew鈥 home at the entrance of Boston鈥檚 North End, we think about our beginnings as a School, the personal evolution of craftspeople, and the many, varied backgrounds of our community members prior to joining their chosen trades. Our聽2024 Exhibition: Then & Now聽highlights the growth of our students and alumni as craftspeople and their journeys before and after NBSS.

Duration: Friday, May 3 through Saturday, August 10, 2024
Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm

Guided Tours:
Curator-Led Tours, Tuesdays at 11:00 am:
Building + Exhibition Tours, biweekly Saturdays at 10:00 am:


Maura Alverson CF 鈥25
Asia Baker LK 鈥24
Alexander Begin CF 鈥23
Nick Boston CF 鈥24
Yaara Buksbaum BB 鈥25
Louise Capizzo BB 鈥24
Willow Coronella JM 鈥20
Ryan Daly CF 鈥24
Shane Davis CF 鈥25
Andy Draper CA 鈥24
Erin Fletcher BB 鈥12
Paula Garbarino CA 鈥80, CF 鈥88
Brendan Geraghty CF 鈥24
Fionnuala Gerrity BB 鈥11
Aspen Golann CF 鈥19
Elizabeth Grab BB 鈥24
Ian Hallowell CF 鈥24
Sandra Haynes BB 鈥25

Juliana Heck CF 鈥24
Christina Hodel CA 鈥24
Ellen Kaspern CF 鈥03
Charlie Kline CF 鈥05
Wes Lillig CF 鈥16
Fox Maasch BB 鈥24
Frank Marr CA 鈥24
Jacqueline Martin BB 鈥24
John McCormack CF 鈥88
Angus McDougal CA 鈥24
Bob Miller CF 鈥11
Spike Minogue BB 鈥24
Hugo Nakashima-Brown CF 鈥24
Bailey Napoli JM 鈥25
Andy Nguyen LK 鈥24
Ash Nunez BB 鈥24
Ja’Hari Ortega JM 鈥24
Denise Palko CF 鈥25

India Patel BB 鈥24
Lance Patterson CF 鈥79
Jennifer Pellecchia BB 鈥19
Arnaldo Politanski CF 鈥25
Jennifer Pyburn BB 鈥24
Geoffrey Quinsey CF 鈥78
Eric Rodriguez VM 鈥24
Matt Romick CF 鈥24
Ariana Rutledge BB 鈥22
Kolin Schmidt CF 鈥21
Evan Schumer CF 鈥24
Stephanie Sieverding BB 鈥25
Greg Simko CF 鈥24
Suehade Soto BB 鈥25
Emily Stanley BB 鈥24
Antonio Sylvester LK 鈥24
Lily Tilton CF 鈥23
Nelson Torres CA 鈥24
Isaac Walts CF 鈥24

This Exhibition is made possible with generous support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and our Partners in Craft.

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Partner ($10,000)


Adams + Beasley Associates logo

Logo with text: Feinmann designers, builders, an employee owned company

Logo for Platt Builders

Associate ($2,500)

Supporter ($1,000)