Full-Time Programs

We offer a supportive and stimulating learning environment for those who share a passion for craftsmanship. Our faculty are masters of their craft, who instill in students a sense of care in their work and commitment to excellence.

At the School鈥檚 core are nine full-time, professional Career Training programs, each of which offer intensive, hands-on training.


The two-year Bookbinding program teaches students how to make, restore, and preserve books and other printed treasures. Students craft historic and modern binding structures, create and repair cloth, paper, and leather bindings, and more.

Cabinet & Furniture Making

The two-year Cabinet & Furniture Making program teaches fine craftsmanship through projects incorporating 18th- and 19th-century models. With these as a foundation, graduates can design and build furniture of any era.
Carving a turned column


Our Carpentry program encourages a commitment to excellence and a mastery of the craft. In nine months, students learn how to construct and renovate residential and commercial buildings from frame to finish.
Students measuring wood

Jewelry Making & Repair

The two-year Jewelry Making & Repair program attracts students from around the world who share a love of materials, artistic expression, and working with their hands to make jewelry that transcends time.
Hammering a bracelet

Locksmithing & Security Technology

In the hands-on, nine-month Locksmithing & Security Technology program, students jump-start a locksmithing career by studying with an experienced locksmith in small classes.
Installing sample lock hardware

Piano Technology

We offer two nine-month courses鈥擝asic Piano Technology and Advanced Piano Technology鈥攂oth of which attract students who share a passion for music, problem solving and mechanics, and hand skills used to restore and care for beautiful musical instruments.
Student tuning a piano

Preservation Carpentry

The two-year Preservation Carpentry program teaches time-honored skills and engages students who have a love of history, materials, and hand skills鈥攖o build, restore, and preserve beautiful structures that last.
Fitting a mortise and tenon joint

Violin Making & Repair

The three-year Violin Making & Repair program provides a solid foundation to the art and science of stringed instrument making, exceptional craftsmanship, and an introduction to restoration.

These programs are structured with a focus on practical projects that increase in complexity as you move forward. This method encourages you to systematically develop your hand skills and understanding of tools, materials, and processes.

We teach and uphold the principles and practices of the craftsmanship tradition:

  • Skillful use of hand tools and power equipment
  • Informed choice of materials
  • Creative problem-solving based on best practices
  • A dedication to the highest quality work

Beyond hands-on work, you’ll also participate in lectures, reading assignments, field trips, and discussions. This provides context for the skills and ideas you’ll learn, making for a well-rounded learning experience.

In addition to our Career Training programs, we also offer Community Education courses for craftspeople of all ages and experience levels.